ZFS configuration

Something to get you started with when testing iolinux on commodity hw.


(cache only, perfectly fine if more than one io.host is installed on your NW OR you sync to cellfs/”cloud” OR your data is not that important)

1x SSD
1x HDD
1x SSD L2ARC + 1x HDD


(suitable for most desktop workloads / simple home NAS || media server)

1x SSD L2ARC + 2x HDD zfs mirror

Lots of spindles

(this was my dev-workstation setup before I moved to the less-noisy more power-efficient variant above)

1x SSD L2ARC + 3(4)x HDD raidz1
1x SSD L2ARC + (5)6x HDD raidz2

I want to loose my (probably unbackupable) data

(not tested with n > 2 for which I’d personally use a different OS entirely)

n x (1x SSD L2ARC per each 3(4)x HDD raidz1)
n x (1x SSD L2ARC per each 5(6)x HDD raidz2)

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